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New botnet infects cryptocurrency mining computers, replaces wallet address

Attacker has generated about $2,000 in digital coin so far in a scam that remains active.

YouTube raises subscriber, view threshold for Partner Program monetization

Making it harder for new channels to make money off of ads placed by YPP.

The impromptu Slack war room where ?Net companies unite to fight Spectre-Meltdown

When major security vulns go live without warning, competitors suddenly band together.

The interface to send out a missile alert in Hawaii is slightly less bad [Updated]

The employee responsible for the alert has been temporarily reassigned.

Google Chrome extensions with 500,000 downloads found to be malicious

Google removes four extensions that used infected computers in click fraud scheme.

21 states sue FCC to restore net neutrality rules

A long legal process starts now.

Found: New Android malware with never-before-seen spying capabilities

Skygofree is among the most powerful spy platforms ever created for Android.

?Rocket? Madsen formally charged with murder of Kim Wall aboard sub

Prosecutor claims Wall's death was premeditated, involved "dangerous" sexual acts.

All Democrats and one Republican support net neutrality bill in Senate

Senate Dems seek one more vote for restoration of net neutrality and Title II.

Shell invests in Nashville solar firm, but it?s no less an oil company

The future may be bright for renewables, but Shell is still an oil company.

BitTorrent users beware: Flaw lets hackers control your computer

?Low complexity? hack for Transmission client may work against other clients, too.

City-owned Internet services offer cheaper and more transparent pricing

Data shows why customers want muni broadband?and why telecom industry fears it.

Researcher finds another security flaw in Intel management firmware [Updated]

Active Management Technology defaults allow anyone to take control of many PCs.

After Logan Paul incident, Google Preferred YouTube videos will face further vetting

Videos with the top ads will be examined by human moderators and AI software.

The corpse of Circuit City will rise again on February 15

Follows similar promises of a relaunch from 2016 that never quite came together.

FBI security expert: Apple are ?jerks? about unlocking encrypted phones

"Apple is pretty good at evil genius stuff," FBI official laments at conference.

Prosecutors say Mac spyware stole millions of user images over 13 years

Fruitfly creepware turned on cameras and mics, automatically detected porn searches.

Japan to get latest Aegis ballistic missile interceptors from US

SM-3 Block IIA missiles will be part of a shore-based Aegis missile defense.

EMC, VMware security bugs throw gasoline on cloud security fire

Backups of virtual machines on some hosts could be accessed or altered by an attacker.

FCC plan to lower broadband standards is met with ?Mobile Only Challenge?

Many say that mobile can?t replace cable or fiber, but FCC may think otherwise.