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Tesla strikes a deal to open a factory in Shanghai, WSJ sources say

Electric car maker would likely still pay the nation?s 25 percent tariff.

NYPD can?t get story straight on evidence system backups

Deputy commissioner says the system is "backed up"; IT staff affidavit says otherwise.

Facebook is struggling to meet the burden of securing itself, security chief says

Chief Security Officer described security report as a ?very painful process.?

$100 Internet bill became $340 for no reason, Frontier customer says

Overcharges continue for months despite customer service promising a fix.

Google Fiber is now in Louisville thanks to new fiber deployment strategy

Microtrenching sped up work in Louisville during court battle over utility poles.

?Security concerns? lead to LTE service shutdown on Chinese Apple Watches

The Chinese government doesn't know what to do with eSIMs yet.

Apple and GE partner to make industrial analytics iOS-accessible

GE thinks the software will result in $12 billion in revenue by 2020.

Judge shocked to learn NYPD?s evidence database has no backup [Updated]

City says cash forfeitures not in flagship PETS system; police say PETS backed up.

Google Play apps with as many as 2.6m downloads added devices to botnet

Your periodic reminder: Google is chronically unable to detect untrustworthy apps.

First floating wind farm, built by offshore oil company, delivers electricity

Anchored, floating turbines allow offshore wind installations in deep waters.

Republican fight against municipal broadband heats up in Michigan

Michigan bill says no "federal, state, or local funds" can pay for broadband.

Microsoft never disclosed 2013 hack of secret vulnerability database

Database contained details required to carry out highly advanced software attacks.

Federal watchdog tells Equifax?no $7.25 million IRS contract for you

Equifax-IRS ordeal exposes the strangeness of the government contracting system.

FCC?s DDoS claims will be investigated by government

GAO will investigate after Democrats asked for evidence that attacks happened.

The search for painless Internet privacy gets another boost with InvizBox 2

Successor to Tor "travel router" focuses on protecting traffic from "harvesting" by ISPs.

How the KRACK attack destroys nearly all Wi-Fi security

Android 6.0 hit especially hard, but all devices are vulnerable.

Supreme Court refuses to hear case questioning Google?s trademark

Lawsuit claimed "google" had become synonymous with "search the Internet."

Supreme Court to decide if US has right to data on world?s servers

Feds claim legal right to reach into the world's servers with a valid US warrant.

Millions of high-security crypto keys crippled by newly discovered flaw

Factorization weakness lets attackers impersonate key holders and decrypt their data.

Serious flaw in WPA2 protocol lets attackers intercept passwords and much more

KRACK attack is especially bad news for Android and Linux users.