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Adrian Lamo, former hacker who turned in Chelsea Manning, dead at 37

Intruder of Yahoo, Microsoft, and NYT was best known for reporting Manning leaks.

US spy lab hopes to geotag every outdoor photo on social media

"Finder" will geotag images by terrain, sky features.

DHS warns of new Russia hacks as US sanctions Russia over election interference

DHS alert warns of Russian government malware targeting critical infrastructure.

Malware attack on 400k PCs caused by backdoored BitTorrent app

Once the stuff of spy novels, supply chain attacks are becoming common.

Senior ex-Equifax executive charged with insider trading

CIO allegedly sold $1 million worth of stock 10 days before public learned of breach.

In latest Amazon jab, Walmart to expand grocery delivery to more than 100 cities

The retailer's food delivery requires a $30 order minimum and a $9.95 fee.

A raft of flaws in AMD chips makes bad hacks much, much worse

AMD says its Secure Processor is impenetrable. Instead, it can harbor malware.

Let?s Encrypt takes free ?wildcard? certificates live

In a victory for securing Web, anybody can now get a certificate valid for every site in a domain.

Verizon agrees to fix failing broadband networks to settle investigation

Verizon will fix NY copper lines and potentially upgrade more than 30,000 homes.

There?s a currency miner in the Mac App Store, and Apple seems OK with it

Popular Calendar 2 app mines Monero by default, but at least it discloses it.

Potent malware that hid for six years spread through routers

Nation-sponsored Slingshot is one of the most advanced attack platforms ever.

When slow downloads hit an app developer, only Comcast customers suffered

Comcast and Cogent fight again, and customers lose with slow Internet service.

The Army?s costly quest for the perfect radio continues

Video: The Army is still sticking to standards created by the much-derided JTRS program.

Lame Google Play apps that attack users with Windows malware is still a thing

Researchers find 150 Ramnit-infected apps a year after a similar batch was discovered.

It just got much easier to wage record-breaking DDoSes

Exploits that abuse memcached servers threaten the stability of the Internet.

?Dig Once? rule requiring fiber deployment is finally set to become US law

Dig Once mandates fiber conduit installation in government-funded road projects.

400k servers may be at risk of serious code-execution attacks. Patch now

Widely used message transfer agent patched buffer overflow last month.

World War II carrier ?Lady Lex? found 2 miles under sea by Allen expedition

Scuttled after fire in first carrier v. carrier battle, Lexington rests out of human reach.

US senator grills CEO over the myth of the hacker-proof voting machine

Nation?s biggest voting machine maker reportedly relies on remote-access software.

DOD slashes $950m cloud buy, burning it back by 90 percent

After protests and criticisms of deal with Rean LLC, DOD ?narrows scope.?