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32TB of Windows 10 beta builds, driver source code leaked [Updated]

Dump appears to contain components normally only shared with partners.

BlackBerry?s no-phone business model isn?t working out as planned

Stock falls 13 percent in one day after bad sales numbers.

Obama reportedly ordered implants to be deployed in key Russian networks

Covert program draws on the NSA, CIA, and US Cyber Command.

Windows 10 S security brought down by, of course, Word macros

Analysis: Windows 10 S promises many good things. It currently doesn't deliver.

Espionage suspect totally thought messages to Chinese intel were deleted

"Mallory expressed surprise at seeing some secure message history."

Low-latency satellite broadband gets approval to serve US residents

OneWeb's 50Mbps Internet with 30ms latency could hit remotest areas by 2019.

Check Point says Fireball malware hit 250 million; Microsoft says no

Either way, Microsoft assures us that Windows 10 S would have been immune.

How the CIA infects air-gapped networks

Sprawling ?Brutal Kangaroo? spreads malware using booby-trapped USB drives.

Scammer who made 96 million robocalls should pay $120M fine, FCC says

Vacation scam preyed on elderly and disrupted medical paging system, FCC says.

Comcast accused of cutting competitor?s wires to put it out of business

Comcast "systematically destroyed" an ISP with 229 customers, lawsuit claims.

Charter promised more broadband but didn?t deliver, now must pay fine

21,000 NY customers did not get broadband on schedule, despite merger promise.

Air Force clears F-35 to fly again?with caveats?after hypoxia scares

"Specific concerns" eliminated as source of problem, but cause of 5 cases not found.

Utility that says Comcast didn?t pay bills threatens to pull wires off poles

UPDATE: Comcast and the utility have reached a settlement.

Honda shuts down factory after finding NSA-derived Wcry in its networks

Automaker briefly stops making cars to contain worm that first struck in May.

More Android apps from dangerous Ztorg family sneak into Google Play

Almost 100 such apps, with >1 million downloads, found so far (but not by Google).

AMD muscles in on Xeon?s turf as it unveils Epyc

Multiply a Ryzen by four and all of a sudden Intel has some real competition.

?Internet of Ships? tells tale of USS Fitzgerald tragedy?or half of it

AIS broadcasts freighter's course to world, triggering conspiracy theories.

Web host agrees to pay $1m after it?s hit by Linux-targeting ransomware

Windfall payment by poorly secured host is likely to inspire new ransomware attacks.

Serious privilege escalation bug in Unix OSes imperils servers everywhere

?Stack Clash? poses threat to Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and other OSes.

Cable lobby tries to stop state investigations into slow broadband speeds

Besides gutting net neutrality, industry wants less scrutiny of speed claims.