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Police use of Amazon?s face-recognition service draws privacy warnings

Cloud-based service can index millions of faces and recognize 100 people in an image.

Netflix and other online video are killing cable in customer satisfaction

Cable and broadband companies are still widely hated by US customers.

Navy?s F-35 doesn?t have range for real stealth strikes, House report says

Risks to carriers, absence of stealth tankers puts "necessary targets" out of reach.

Trump feels presidential smartphone security is ?too inconvenient?

Report: President Trump clings to his Twitter phone, reluctant to allow security checks.

Comcast bug made it shockingly easy to steal customers? Wi-Fi passwords

Activation site leaked passwords in plain text to anyone with an account number.

T-Mobile should stop claiming it has ?Best Unlimited Network,? ad group says

T-Mobile won speed tests but didn't prove it had best coverage and reliability.

Blunder burns unicorn attack that exploited Windows and Reader

Clicking on a PDF was all it took to infect older versions of Windows.

North Korea-tied hackers used Google Play and Facebook to infect defectors

Apps hosted in Google market for two months were spread over Facebook.

Website leaked real-time location of most US cell phones to almost anyone

Easily found bug in free demo let visitors track phones from four top US carriers.

Energy jobs reports say solar dominates coal, but wind is the real winner

Latest report offers a look at how the last year of policy has affected energy jobs.

ISPs and Ajit Pai are really sad about Senate?s vote for net neutrality

After Senate vote to maintain net neutrality, broadband lobby steps up opposition.

It has been a bad week for encrypted messaging and it?s only Wednesday

PGP and S/MIME email and Signal and Telegram desktop messages all have risks.

Company used by police, prisons to find any mobile device breached (again)

Service used by prisons, police to track mobile devices had usernames, passwords exposed in hack.

Senate votes to overturn Ajit Pai?s net neutrality repeal

Senate defies "armies of lobbyists," but House may help FCC kill net neutrality.

Tesla?s new battery in Belgium shows value is in dispatch speed

A stack of 140 batteries will work to keep the European grid at 50Hz.

Trump eliminates national cyber-coordinator job, gives Bolton keys to the cybers

Reps Lieu and Langevin introduce bill to restore job; IT industry asks White House to reconsider.

Amazon Prime members to get new discounts at Whole Foods

Amazon attempts to get grocery shoppers to sign up for Prime, despite price increase.

Ex-CIA employee ID?d but not charged in Vault 7 leak of hacking tools

WikiLeaks trove included exploits for iPhones, Wi-Fi routers, and Cisco Switches.

Comcast charges $90 install fee at homes that already have Comcast installed

$90 fee may be required even if you buy your own modem and plug it in yourself.

Germany?s Typhoon problem: Only four fighters can be made combat ready

Video: Most of Germany's fighter jets (and tanks and ships and helicopters) are broken.